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To cultivate a supportive community of combat sport athletes dedicated to personal and collective growth, embodying our values of genuine positivity, principled sportsmanship, and actions that speak louder than words.

We empower our team, inspire others, and work together to elevate the community of grappling. 

Target Athletes:
Amateur and competitive grapplers who consistently demonstrate our values of positivity, sportsmanship, and actions that speak volumes.

Athletes who serve as role models on and off the mats, uplifting and motivating those around them.

Individuals with a genuine social media presence, passionate about sharing their grappling journey and connecting with the our brand.

Athlete Benifits:
We offer a three-tiered affiliate & sponsorship program for athletes. As athletes progress through the tiers, they unlock increasingly exciting sponsorship opportunities.

In collaboration with Combat Sports allied health professionals, we're providing resources, analysis, and in-person or online consultations. Our initial partners in this effort are Grapple Strong, Fight Project and Motion Ease Physiotherapy.

No matter the tier level, all sponsored athletes gain access to a private online community for connection and support. We also emphasizes community storytelling by highlighting individual athlete journeys through blog profiles, social media features, and Instagram takeovers.

Represent Nemea Grapple Club with Pride: Champion sportsmanship, respect, and a positive attitude on and off the mats.

2) Social Media Engagement: Promote the brand, use relevant hashtags, and interact with the community online.

3) Provide Feedback: Contribute to product development through surveys and testing.

4) Growth Mindset: Seek improvement and uplift fellow athletes and the BJJ community.

Athlete applications are accepted year-round. Allow 2-4 weeks notification period after the application is submitted. Please notte, we don’t consider standardized or half-hearted applications.

Follow Along:
Check out our inspiring team with #WeAreNGC & #EarnYourWears