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The movement of grappling as a combat sport is simple yet entirely distinctive.

The genesis of Nemea Grapple Club stems from the idea to explore and represent this style through the athletes that are rooted within it.

From simple beginnings, we wish to expand across the entirety of the grappling community as an authentic symbol, seeking to illuminate the culture through all forms of art, design, music and so on.

Our name is inspired by the allegory of hercules’ first labor and is representative of our vision:

“The first labor of Hercules was to slay the Nemean lion, which was a fierce beast in Greek mythology that terrorized the countryside of Nemea. It was said to have a skin that was impenetrable by weapons, making it nearly invincible. Hercules was able to defeat the lion by strangling it with his bare hands and using its own claws to skin it.”